About Us

Inca Trail Specialist is Locally World class company!

We specialize in providing the best legendary Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and Cusco Tours you can imagine; the only company in Peru offering unique Machu Picchu hikes along the mystical Inka Trail and Pre Inca trail.

Our job at Inca Trail Specialist is to cut out the middleman, and allow travelers to connect directly with the best local operator in Cusco.

Incatrailspecialist.com prefers to ensure that local communities benefit from increased travel and commerce in their regions. We do this while ensuring that travelers know that you pay reasonable local rates; that your money goes directly to the local operators to support the local economy and not huge multinational travel agencies; who resell us and get massive amounts of commissions.

Company Founded by Marko Andinauta ex mountain guide. I witnessed; experience first-hand of travelers being ripped off and local tour operators not benefiting; as much as they could not grow in tourism, many local operators have sunk.

Many Multinational travel agencies; or online big tour companies charge very expensive prices by convincing travelers that local operators are not to be trusted; when we only work with the best and offer fair prices. However, if you compare our prices, you will see a big difference; because Inca Trail Specialist has been able to cut out the middleman in this business.

Inca Trail Specialist focuses to apply the power into the hands of the local people. We believe that the local people in Peru should be; the main beneficiaries of the legendary Inca Trail of our ancestors; not multinational travel agencies or tour companies who often charge excessive prices.

We want to see local operators and ensure that travelers do not get cheated.

Our local Inca Trail Porters; tour guides; chefs and office staff connect you with the best operator at the best local price; so you can be sure. You will have a memorable Inca trail confident that it is directly benefiting the local people in the community.