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How to prepare for hiking the Inca Trail?

  • Inca Trail Specialist
  • Updated: August 8, 2023
how to prepare for hiking the Inca trail?

Hiking the Inca Trail is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that requires preparation both physically and mentally. The 42-kilometer (26-mile) trek takes hikers through stunning mountain landscapes, cloud forests, and ancient Incan ruins, culminating at the iconic Machu Picchu. To help you prepare for this adventure, we’ve put together some tips on how to prepare for hiking the Inca Trail.

  • Physical training – The Inca Trail involves walking long distances and climbing steep steps. It is important to be in good physical shape before starting. Take long walks, work on your cardiovascular endurance and strengthen your legs and back. You can also do strength and flexibility exercises.
  • Aclimatization – Many parts of the Inca Trail are at high altitudes. Arrive in Cusco or the surrounding region a few days early to allow your body to acclimatize to the altitude. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol during this period.
  • Proper equipment – Make sure you have the necessary equipment, such as comfortable and suitable hiking boots, appropriate clothing for the climate, a sturdy backpack and a waterproof jacket. Don’t forget a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and insect repellent.
  • Reservations and permits – The Inca Trail requires permits and advance reservations. Be sure to book with an authorized agency well in advance. Permits sell out quickly, especially in high season.
  • Pack light – Carry only the essentials. Carrying a light backpack will make the hike easier. Avoid carrying unnecessary items.
  • Health and safety – Consult a doctor before the hike to make sure you are in good health. Carry a first aid kit with basic medications. Educate yourself on how to treat symptoms of altitude sickness.
  • Water– Bring a reusable water bottle and water purifiers. It is important to stay hydrated throughout the hike.
  • Positive mindset -The Inca Trail can be challenging, but it is also an incredible experience. Keep a positive attitude and enjoy the scenery and culture around you.
  • Respect for the environment – Follow the rules and regulations established to preserve the natural environment and archaeological sites along the route. Leave only footprints and take with you everything you bring.

Remember that the best way to do the Inca Trail is through an authorized travel agency, as they will take care of logistics, permits and security, allowing you to focus on enjoying this unique experience.