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what was the Inca trail used for

  • Inca Trail Specialist
  • Updated: April 16, 2022
what was the inca trail used for

The use of this Inca road, so to speak, over time surpassed the expectations of how it interconnected with various places throughout South America,
The “great Inca road” – as it was translated from Quechua to Spanish – allowed the empire to trade and administer its domains.

It crosses deserts, agricultural areas, mountain ranges, and swamps. All the routes started from Cuzco. The most important of them is the one that went in the direction of Quito, the current capital of Ecuador.

According to historians, the Qhapaq Ñan was the basis of Inca political expansion, since it allowed the rapid mobilization of armies and state officials. It also facilitated the transport of valuable resources, such as metals, spondylus shells, wood, coca leaves, and textiles.

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